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It is pretty common for rugs to lose colors from different areas. It either happens due to regular wear or tear or an unfortunate chemical or beverage spill. Ahmadi Rug specializes in high-end color correction and restoration of your valuable rug and returns them to you as new.

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Not every color correction has to be done for restoration purposes. If you are someone who admires colors and wants to supplement some sophistication and chicness in your home, then Ahmadi Rug is the right place for you.

Gone are the days when there were a handful of color choices for rugs. For decades, beige was one of the customers’ most go-to color choices. Thanks to modern technology and advanced redying skills, customers nowadays have unlimited redye options for their rugs, making them compatible with their interior decors.

Rug Color Correction Services Chicago

What makes us different is our unique re-coloration process that is too hard to differentiate from naked eyes. Our process starts with determining the damage to your rug. Our highly trained rug masters in Chicago will carefully analyze your rug’s condition and suggest the best possible way to restore it to its former glory in no time.

In some complex cases, we may have to use the dyeing process. Our experts will find the dye colors match best with your rug. If your carpet has multiple colors, we will a variety of different dyes, ensuring you a perfect color restoration.

Regardless of the size of color damage, we have all the tools you need. For smaller areas, we redye your rugs with special syringes. Meanwhile, for large patches, we use a sprayer to restore the color of your faded rugs. Similarly, we use unique airbrush technology to restore colors in rugs featuring complex color combinations.

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