Rug Blocking

Ahmadi Rug offers full-scale blocking and rug repair services in Chicago for all types of rugs such as Persian, oriental, area, woolen, silk, and more. Rugs tend to get wrinkled and creased over time. Not only do they ruin your décor, but they also devalue your precious piece. We can remedy the problem with our rug blocking service by adjusting its dimension and making it lay flat on the floor. Our team of certified rug masters in Chicago will carefully examine your rug to determine the best blocking procure to get excellent results.

Our Rug Blocking Process:

Our work starts with brushing your rug pile by hand until it gets smooth and flat. We tightly roll the rug from the smooth edge to straighten it out. Now we unroll it, followed by smoothening the rug pile repeatedly by pressing it hard against the surface.

The following process involves dealing with wrinkles by using our specialized equipment. Our team will analyze your rug type to use the proper temperature suitable for the rug material. We start pressing it with advanced iron until the edges are perfectly flattened. We use advanced heavyweight devices for tough creases to achieve the desired results. Once the rug is perfectly blocked, we recommend coating it with latex. This gives your rug additional sturdiness, keeps the edges flat, and prevents tripping hazards.

Why choose us?

Deformed rug

Fiber protection

Original shape


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