Cultivating a room that reflects your personal design aesthetic hones in on all the small details. For a cohesive flow, not only do you consider the furniture layout and the way the colors interact, but also the shape and size of your rugs.

Don’t chance something feeling off or like there is something out of place and discover which rugs are best for your space in today’s post. Once you’ve found the perfect rugs, connect with Ahmadi Rug for expert rug installation!


While home design is all about breaking the rules and highlighting exceptions, it’s important to consider a few things before a rug faux pas occurs.

For cozy, whimsical, and playful aesthetics, small circular rugs are a game-changer. Not only can they make a small room feel expansive, but they also pair effortlessly with other circular-shaped lighting, furniture, and beyond. Square rugs are great in square-shaped rooms and underneath square tables and other similarly-shaped furniture. Being the most traditional rug, a rectangular rug pairs nicely in a large open room, as hallway runners, stair runners, and more.


For a traditional-style living room, large area rugs are a great choice — and rectangular rugs adapt quite nicely to almost any size living room. If you’re looking for a more uncommon rug styling, circular rugs are wonderful. They quickly draw eyes in as a focal point and create a unique and unexpected aesthetic.


Depending on the shape of your dining table, the rug should match — square with square, etc. Choose very low pile rugs to make moving chairs easy — with a higher pile, chairs can get stuck and cause issues.

If you have a large dining room, one long rug is traditional, but don’t be afraid of using two rugs to help fill the space.


While bathrooms often have small bath mats, for larger master bathrooms you can create a fun style with rugs. From a long runner to a circular run that sits under the chandelier, create a fun, playful design with rugs you might typically see in other rooms of the house.

Don’t overlook the uses of a good rug when designing spaces in your home! The sky’s the limit in the shape and size you choose, and at the end of the day, settle on the features that you love!

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