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Join us as we explore various rug styles, materials, and origins, and learn how to incorporate them into your interior design. Whether you’re a seasoned rug enthusiast or a first-time rug buyer, The Cozy Corner blog offers valuable insights and inspiration for everyone.

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Here’s Why a Professional Rug Cleaning Is Exactly What You Need

Here’s Why a Professional Rug Cleaning is exactly what you need Almost 80 percent of Americans want a clean home on a regular basis. With the help of skilled professionals, area rug cleaning achieves a sparkling clean house. Why try to tackle this demanding job? There are plenty of reasons why professional…

Common Rug Stains and What to do

Rug stains can be a common problem, but with the right techniques and tools, they can often be removed successfully. Here are some tips about how to handle rug stains and remove them effectively: By following these tips and acting quickly, you can often remove rug stains effectively and keep…

Common Rug Problems: A Guide to Keeping Your Rugs Beautiful and Damage-Free

Common Rug Problems and Solutions Rugs are a beautiful addition to any room, but they are also prone to wear and tear, stains, and other problems. In this article, we will discuss some common rug problems and solutions to help you keep your rugs looking great for years to come.…

rug 101: Which Rug Shapes & Sizes Work Best For Your Space?

Cultivating a room that reflects your personal design aesthetic hones in on all the small details

Rug Moth Damage: How to Identify and Prevent

A beautiful handmade rug can be a significant investment for homeowners, adding charm and elegance to their living spaces. However, these prized possessions can fall victim to a common but often overlooked threat: rug moth damage. In this article, we will delve into how to identify, prevent, and treat rug…

Benefits of Authentic Area Rug Cleaning

Benefits of Authentic Area Rug Cleaning When it comes to area rug cleaning, it’s important to choose a company that knows what they’re doing. Many companies offer area rug cleaning, but not all of them are created equal. In order to get the most out of your area rug cleaning,…

Keeping Your Home Clean and Healthy: The Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning

Think about the last time you cleaned your rugs. Chances are, it wasn’t recent. And that’s okay! We all get busy, and sometimes cleaning our rugs falls to the bottom of our list of priorities. But what if we told you that there are some serious benefits to scheduling regular…

Handmade vs Machine-made Rugs: Which one is right for you

Handmade Vs Machine-Made Rugs: Which One Is Right For You? When it comes to choosing a rug, one of the most significant decisions you’ll need to make is whether to go for a handmade or machine-made rug. Handmade rugs are crafted by skilled artisans, and each piece is unique. Machine-made…

The Importance of Rug Dusting

The Importance of Rug Dusting: Taking all the dust and particles out before washing your oriental rug is crucial for its preservation. Studies have shown that up to 80% of dirt in a rug is composed of abrasive particles that can damage the fibers and cause premature wear. Additionally, when…

Rug Repair Methods

Rugs can encounter a variety of problems over time, including wear and tear, staining, and damage. Fortunately, there are several methods for repairing and restoring rugs. Here are some common rug repair methods and their benefits: Overall, rug repair methods can help extend the life of a rug and prevent…

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Address accidents promptly, use pet-friendly rug pads, and DO NOT apply any stain-resistant treatment. AhmadiRug offers specialized pet stain and odor removal services. Contact us at (847) 779-3288 for assistance.

  • Regular vacuuming, periodic professional cleaning, and proper storage can help prevent moth damage. If you suspect moth activity, call AhmadiRug at (847) 779-3288 for expert advice and treatment.
  • Clean your rug, roll it up with the pile facing inward, wrap it in a breathable material, and store it in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. For more storage tips, contact AhmadiRug at (847) 779-3288.

For immediate stain treatment, gently blot the stain with a clean, white cloth and avoid rubbing. However, for the best results, call AhmadiRug at (847) 779-3288. Our experts will assess the stain and recommend the most effective treatment, ensuring your rug remains in pristine condition.

Rotate your rug every 6-12 months to distribute sunlight exposure evenly, use window treatments to block UV rays, or consider applying a UV-protective spray. For more advice on preventing rug fading, contact AhmadiRug at (847) 779-3288.

We recommend using a quality rug pad that fits your rug and flooring type. AhmadiRug offers a variety of rug pads to suit your needs. Call us at (847) 779-3288 for assistance in choosing the perfect rug pad.

The cost of cleaning varies from rug to rug. But they usually cost anywhere from $1 per SQF to $10 and up.

  • It’s recommended to have your rugs professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, or more frequently if they are in high-traffic areas or exposed to pets. At AhmadiRug, we can assess your rug’s condition and recommend a cleaning schedule tailored to your needs. Call us at (847) 779-3288 to schedule a consultation.
  • No, different rug materials and construction methods require specific cleaning techniques. At AhmadiRug, we tailor our cleaning methods to each rug’s unique needs. Call us at (847) 779-3288 for a personalized rug cleaning consultation.
  • Vacuum regularly, avoid direct sunlight exposure, rotate your rug, and address spills promptly. For more detailed advice, reach out to the AhmadiRug team at (847) 779-3288.
  • Yes, antique and heirloom rugs require specialized care. At AhmadiRug, we have extensive experience in handling these delicate pieces. Call us at (847) 779-3288 to discuss your antique rug cleaning needs.
  • Common rug damage includes fraying edges, worn-out fringes, holes, tears, and moth damage. AhmadiRug’s skilled artisans can expertly repair and restore your rugs. Contact us at (847) 779-3288 to discuss your rug repair needs.