Preserving History: How Oriental Rug Color Correction Can Help

Oriental rugs have amazed art fans and interior designers for many years. These beautiful, handcrafted masterpieces from the East are not only important for their cultural significance but also because they are timeless works of art. 

However, just like any valuable artwork, the colors on oriental rugs can become less vibrant for different reasons, like being exposed to sunlight, getting worn out, and even cleaning incorrectly. If your oriental rug has lost its vibrancy, don’t despair. Oriental rug color correction can restore your rug to its original beauty.

So, in this blog, we will talk about correcting the colors of oriental rugs and how experts make them look bright again. Therefore, stay tuned in this blog and read on to learn.

Understanding Oriental Rugs And Their Significance

 These rugs are not just something you use to cover the floor. They are unique because they represent our culture and art skills that have been passed down for hundreds of years. Oriental rugs are made with bright and strong colors that share tales of their regions of origin.

Oriental rugs have many styles, like Persian, Turkish, and Indian. Each style has its extraordinary colors and design. If you think these rugs have an ancient history, so they are not in style in today’s world, then you are wrong. These oriental rugs are still in style today due to their unique artistry, quality, and versatility. They are still popular and bring style and coziness to any space.

But, there is a dark side behind these rugs: their colors fade after some time of use because of sunlight, pollutants, and harsh cleaning chemicals. That’s where oriental rug color correction comes into play and helps these rugs return to their original color.

Factors That Make Oriental Rugs Color Loss

Fading colors in Oriental rugs is a common problem that can make them look less beautiful and valuable. There are many reasons why Oriental rugs can lose their color. Some are as follow:

1. Wrong Cleaning Methods

Using the wrong methods to clean something can make its color fade away. Strong chemicals, too much moisture, and rough scrubbing can weaken the dye and fibers, making colors fade or come off. It is essential to get your Oriental rug cleaned by a professional like to prevent any damage to its colors.

2. Using Bleach

Many people make the mistake of using bleach to clean their carpets because they think it will help improve the rug’s condition. You should never use bleach on your carpet under any circumstances. It will not only ruin the color of your carpet but also hurt the fibers and fringes of the carpet. Therefore, you should do your oriental rug color correction by professionals. 

3. Moisture And Humidity

Too much water and high humidity can make the colors in oriental rugs spread or flow, which makes them fade. Water damage caused by flooding or leaks can cause a lot of harm to Oriental rugs. It can damage the colors and the overall structure of the rug.

4. Spilling Drinks or Liquids on The Rug

Carpets are the main focus in a get-together with family or friends. At the party, someone might accidentally drop their drink on the carpet. Alternatively, if you have animals or small children walking around your home, they may accidentally urinate on the carpet. These causes can damage the color and the fibers of your rugs. Therefore, you should contact a professional cleaner for oriental rug color correction.

5. Doing Some DIY Hack By Yourself

Many people often try some DIY hacks to repair their oriental rugs by using various materials or paints. If you don’t know which chemicals to use, you could harm your carpet. Therefore, you should not try to use any stain removers, paints, or detergents on your rugs. You should contact a professional like Ahmadi Rug for oriental rug color correction.

What is The Process For The Oriental Rug Color Correction?

If your Oriental rug is losing its color, you don’t need to be concerned. But, doing oriental rug color correction by yourself may not be good for your rug. All you need to do is contact Ahmadi Rug and we will be glad to help you.

The process is very easy to comprehend. Therefore, you understand how the color correction process works to make the rug look attractive again. Here are two common ways professional cleaners can assist you:

1. Rug Re-dying

Professional dye masters often use the technique of re-dying to bring back the colors. They start by checking how good the fiber is and then decide whether to use man-made or organic dyes. Also, they think about what you like and then recommend the best choice for your oriental rug.

2. Rug Painting

Another popular method to bring back the colors of an oriental rug is rug painting. Rug painting is essential because it involves two things: using suitable paints that are free from harmful chemicals and having the proper skills to paint the rug carefully.


If your oriental rug has lost its color and attractiveness, oriental rug color correction can restore your faded rug to its original beauty. However, it is essential to choose a professional service with experience in color-correcting oriental rugs.
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