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How to resize a rug: There is no denying that rugs are a great way to bring comfort and style to your room while showing off your designer’s eye and taste. Rugs can be the perfect match for a space, but the size of the rug doesn’t always work for everyone.
However, you do not need to turn down a large rug if it fits in your room! By resizing a rug, you can tailor it to the exact shape and size that suits your room. With Ahmadi Rug’s expertise, you’ll feel as if the rug was made especially for you when you resize it.

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Resizing a rug is primarily done for two reasons: design and safety. An incorrect rug size distorts the general view of the room and destroys the proportions. It may be difficult to see the accents you add in a room if you have an overly large rug. Another problem you face when your rug is too large for space is that you might create a trip hazard. There are times when a rug can be folded to fit into a space if its size or shape is not suitable. It is also possible for the folds to cause damage to the rug as well as make walking more difficult



You can cut your rug to the appropriate size and shape using several DIY (Do It Yourself) methods. Unless you have experience in cutting down rugs for smaller spaces, doing this yourself is not recommended. 

Binding and finishing options, as well as preserving the rug’s pattern and structural integrity, are some of the main differences between professional and DIY rug resizing. Professionals often cut rugs at all sides to achieve the best possible pattern, and ensure that the ends are bound in the same color. A DIY approach may work better with a small bedroom or bathroom rug (especially one that can be hidden under furniture), but not with a living room rug that can be much more expensive. You should follow the following steps and considerations if you choose to do rug resizing yourself:

How to resize a rug

  1. Measuring: To avoid any mistakes or miscalculations, measure the area and the rug several times. In order to avoid resizing a rug in a hurry, please keep in mind that cutting cannot be reversed by yourself. If you want to be sure that the rug fits in the room, fold the sides before installing it.  The areas you are considering cutting can also be delineated with painter’s tape.
  2. Mark the Area: Tape placement can be aided by using a straightedge or ruler. Create a template first, then tape it along the edges of the rug if you want to shape it. Ensure that the markings on the rug are accurate before cutting it.
  3. Cutting & Trimming: Lie the rug on its back, upside down on a sturdy surface that you don’t mind being scratched, and then flip it over. Using the marking line you have drawn on the rug, you may be able to easily cut it using a carpeting knife if it’s thin. If you are doing it with a carpeting knife, then you should score the dimensions with the knife, and then cut them with scissors.
  4. Cleaning and Taking Care of the Edges: Cutting and binding a rug yourself may not be advisable, depending on its construction. Tripping can be caused by unfinished edges since they may not lay flat. It is also common for rugs to unravel when they have open cuts on the edges. In the absence of proper binding tension, the foundation of the rug will become loose, resulting in the face yarns and fibers coming loose.

Before you make any cuts in your rug, consult with a professional rug repair company if you are considering resizing a rug that is too large for your space. Follow the above directions for measuring and marking the areas to be resized. You can choose from a variety of binding options when you resize your rug with an experienced rug repair company!

Whether you need your rug resized or cleaned and repaired, AhmadiRug can help. In addition to providing you with a free estimate for repairs, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality service in the industry. We have proudly custom-fit rugs for some of the luxurious buildings in Chicago, like the Trump International Hotel.

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