Rug Modification

Every room inherits the unique mindset and fascination of the homeowner. Therefore, you need a customized rug representing your style and personality. We offer rug modifications to services that help you tailor and install an ideal-sized custom rug to furnish your space. A correctly shaped rug, size, and pattern can surely enhance your surroundings.

Dignify your décor with customized rugs

Similar to finding the right carpet, installing one is also a major hassle. You may have to rearrange your furniture or resize the rug as per your flooring size. Other factors to consider, such as running an electrical wire under the carpet or opening up the wire outlets around the rug, etc. Needless to say, you need the help of a professional to customize your rug for an effortless installation. We work closely with interior designers to give you a wholesome home décor experience. From your imagination to a precise installation, we can assist you with all your rug related service needs.

Rug Alteration


Rug binding


Staircase rug installation

Restore your rugs to their former glory