Professional Rug Resizing, Staircase Rug Installation, Custom Rug Fitting, Rug Alteration

Every room inherits the unique mindset and fascination of the homeowner. Therefore, you need a customized rug representing your style and personality. We offer rug modifications that help you tailor and install an ideal sized custom rug to furnish your space. A correctly shaped rug size and pattern can surely enhance your surroundings.Cultivating a room that reflects your personal design esthetic hones in all the small details. For a cohesive flow, you should consider the furniture layout and the way the colors interact as well as the shape and size of your rugs. Don’t chance something is feeling off. We bring out the best details of the house that you never thought existed.

Dignify your décor with customized rugs

Similar to finding the right rug, installing one is also a major hassle. You may have to rearrange your furniture or resize the rug as per your flooring size. Other factors to consider, such as running an electrical wire under the carpet or opening up the wire outlets around the rug, etc. Needless to say, you need the help of a professional to customize your rug for an effortless installation. We work closely with interior designers to give you a wholesome home décor experience. From your imagination to a precise installation, we can assist you with all your rug related service needs.

Rug Alteration

professional rug resizing

The size and shape of a rug are important factors of consideration while deciding on a rug for your home. Whether antique or machine-made, rugs come in all shapes and sizes, and finding one that perfectly complements a room’s surroundings may be deemed a challenge for customers. Resizing and reshaping are popular options when a preexisting rug may be too large for a room. The process of resizing and reshaping involves cutting a rug apart or sewing two or more rugs together to produce a finished size that meets your specific requirements. With innate precision, our Rug Masters will tailor your rug to meet your specific requests. Whether you have a smaller rug that you want to resize, or a rectangular rug you want to reshape to fit its surroundings, at Ahmadi Rug, we’ve got you covered! Our Chicago Rug Masters will guide you in the most effective plan to resize or reshape your rugs as per your request

Our approach

When it comes to rug resizing and reshaping, you can trust our experienced and professional Rug Masters. Every Ahmadi Rug project begins with an in-depth assessment of rug’s condition followed by taking necessary steps in restoring to its previous condition. We then create a template to ensure the final version will properly fit a room as per your request. Finally, with a creative approach and innate precision, we cut your rug in a manner to meet your exact size requirement without losing its original rug’s design and pattern. Let us take care of the whole process, from pickup to binding the rug edges and delivering it back to you. If you have a creative idea for your rug, then let us know. We’ll take care of it. The possibilities are endless! Contact our certified and skilled team of Chicago Rug Masters today