Professional Rug Repair​

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Professional Rug Repair Service


When worse comes to worst, our beloved rugs may have to face a lot of wear and tear on a regular basis than normal. This means a great deal of damage, including moth damage, incidental and abrasions that cause the rugs to lose quite a lot of their shape and form, and the infamous damage caused by pets!

Believe it or not, in such extreme cases, throwing your rug out of the window is not the only solution! Especially with the Ahmadi Rugs repair team, we promise to fix your rugs! (Even the ones that seem beyond repair).


Professional Rug Repair

Our repair services include but are not limited to:

  • Reweaving holes
  • Remapping worn areas
  • Repairing moth damage
  • Rug alteration
  • Rewrapping
  • Repairing rugs’ sides
  • Adding artificial fringes
  • Unraveling worn fringes
  • Patching holes

Pets or Rugs? You don't have to make a choice!

If the biggest problem of your life is figuring out how you can keep your pets away from high-ended quality decor items like your rugs, then worry no more! Because with Ahmadi Rugs, you can keep them both by frequently having your rugs maintained through our repair services. 

This includes any area rug repair that can be fixed with the right tools and the right skills to bring back its original shape and structure.

A small issue can mount to bigger problems in hand-knitted carpets if they are left untreated, especially if your rug is a product of Persian, Afghan, or Indian craftsmanship. However, our dedicated team of craftspeople can fix all the wear and tear, no matter how big or small it is!

Leather for any weather!

Since our goal is to bring your rugs back to life without compromising on the quality or durability of the product, we aim to make them stronger in any way we can. For that reason, we replace the worn-out cotton backing of your rugs with much stronger and more supportive natural leather material that ensures the long life of your prized possessions. We also provide re-surging, area rug binding, and re-fringing of your rugs as possible repair solutions!

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority; therefore, we plan to make the process 100% transparent with our clients. For that, we also offer free estimates for all types of custom-size rug repair projects so that you know exactly what your rug will be worth before and after getting it fixed!

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Services For Every Home

Rug Restoration

Our restoration services focus on restoring your antique rugs, high-end rugs, and investment-quality rugs to their original look and feel.

Rug Cleaning

If your rugs have faded or the colors have begun to run together, our team at Ahmadi Rug can fix it and make it look new again.

Rug Repair

We can repair anything, whether it is an antique rug, a contemporary rug, a custom-made rug, a Karastan rug, or a broadloom carpet or broadloom.

Color Correction

Ahmadi Rug specializes in high-end color correction and restoration of your valuable rug and returns them to you as new.

Rug Resizing

Resizing a rug is a simple solution that will help your rug have the size and shape that complements your room best.

Rug Blocking

We can remedy the problem with our rug blocking service by adjusting its dimension and making it lay flat on the floor.


Rug Padding

A rug or carpet pad can make or break the comfort and durability of your carpet because it plays a critical role in your carpet’s performance and appearance. All the pads we offer are custom-cut to fit your rug or to your exact specifications.

Pet Odor Removal

Our rug cleaning process is perfect for the removal of pet odors caused by urine. We soak the rug in order to breakdown the urine salts that cause the odor. We then immerse.

Stain Removal

Protect your rugs from stains, soil and wear! Fiber-Guard™ provides superior protection on each and every fiber in handmade rugs and carpets, wall-to-wall carpet, furniture, and draperies. Applied in your residence or business by our trained personnel.


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