Our Story

The history of the Ahmadi family goes back well over 200 years

It has always been interwoven with a passion for oriental Rugs. The Ahmadi family comes from Tabriz, in Northwestern Persia, and today has around 900+ family members. Ghorban, the owner of Ahmadi Rug, has been immersed into the world of Oriental Rugs his entire life. In Tabriz, rugs were the backbone of any and all businesses in the area. Ghorban grew up in the ravishing Bazaar of Tehran, where he saw the craft of oriental rug repair and restoration at a young age. At the mere age of 12 years old, Ghorban started working at the same Bazaar he grew up in and the rest is history.

In 1985, at the age of 21 years old, Ghorban started working with international rug importers and exporters in Iran. Behzad Izadyar, a Swiss exporter, visited Iran to export some rugs back to Switzerland for his company, Izadyar Orienttypisch. In Iran, it is law that all sellers must inform buyers if a rug has been repaired or restored. Izadyar had visited the Bazaar of Tehran and was told that the rug that he was buying had been repaired. Confused, he asked to see the areas of repair. The rug seemed to be in its original shape with no clear signs of repair or restoration. This led to Izadyar asking to be introduced to the repairman behind the rug. This one, simple meeting led to Ahmadi’s international work.

During the meeting with Izadyar and Ahmadi, Ghorban was asked if he would be interested in working for the Swiss company overseas. Delighted, he accepted the company's invitation. After working in Switzerland with Izadyar Orienttypisch, he returned back to Iran. Upon his return back home, Ahmadi started working with more and more importers and exporters. After a couple months, he was set up with Azad Einrichtungshaus, a rug company in Dortmund, Germany. While he was in Germany, Ghorban visited the U.S. Embassy, located in Frankfurt, and applied for a visa to come to the U.S.

In 1999, Ghorban finally made his way to the United States. When he first arrived in America, Ghorban worked with Mansour Rugs in Los Angeles, as well as Claremont Rug Company in San Francisco.. While living in California, Ghorban was introduced to one of Chicago's finest oriental rug dealers. When he landed in Chicago upon his visit, he found out that Chicago was the Ahmadi family’s new home

Ghorban is one of the best Rug Masters in the WORLD, and of course the only Authentic rug master in Chicago. Since 2004, Ghorban has been named a leader in Rug Repair and Restoration in Chicagoland and surrounding suburban areas. He has since been working with leading designers such as Soucie Horner, SHIIR Rugs as well as Isberian rugs & Reza's Rug Gallery.