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Antique Rug Restoration Services

We are one the most authentic rug repair company in the Chicagoland area and surrounding. We provide the full spectrum of antique rug restoration services. This includes repair, cleaning, alteration, refreshing, blocking and re-deforming services, installation and more. We can cover all kinds of rug related services, including: 

Staircase Rug Installation

Rugs used in the stair often require installation to avoid sliding and creasing. Secure installation also prevents accidents from the same. It is advisable to leave your custom stair handmade rug installation to professionals with the skills and tools required for such services. Your stair rug will also get dirty at some point, calling for cleaning, which might require removal and re-installation. Whether you seek installation for new antique designs or want thorough cleaning for an old stair rug, you should focus on finding trusted rug restoration Illinois companies. Here are some of the crucial aspects to review: 

Find Professional Rug Restoration

Custom rug work has many excellent outcomes and can help restore or improve your rugs’ old glory. You can also extend durability, resize to fit new spaces and add custom elements as needed. However, your results will be fabulous only if you find reliable companies. Make sure you gauge all the critical aspects and choose licensed businesses close to your area. You should also contact the customer support to find out more about services offered and determine whether your needs are covered before hiring the service. 

Rug Repair

Rugs will suffer minor wear and tear throughout use, but this isn’t enough reason to stop using them. Trusted antique rug repair companies can help you get rid of all deformations, creases, torn parts and other blemishes, leaving your carpet as good as new. Most reputable rug repair companies also provide cleaning, which is needed if the rug is dirty. From bumps to wrinkles, creases, seasonal changes and aging, your carpet will go through various transitions before you require replacement. Rug repair Illinois services help you maintain the overall appeal and reinforce weak parts, ultimately extending your rug’s longevity

Rug Cleaning

Reliable custom rug work Illinois companies often begin with rug cleaning. You can skip this if you don’t seek rug cleaning services. However, it is still imperative to find a reliable partner to keep your antique rugs clean and stain-free. Most people employ harsh cleaning procedures that damage the rug or tarnishing its appeal. To avoid this, you should entrust your asset to a dedicated antique rug cleaning Illinois company. The process involves removing all dirt, dust, stains, spills and other particulates trapped between your rug’s fibers, leaving it clean and fresh. You should also schedule regular rug cleaning depending on the traffic in your home or office and where you live

Rug Refreshing and Re-Designing

Antique rugs are exceptional and will instantly change the dynamics of any interior décor. You can also get creative and re-design the rug to fit your needs. If you feel there’s more you can add into the design, rug alteration Illinois companies can help you improve or drastically change your rug’s design. You can resize and re-design the overall look to make it more charming, or add custom elements distinguishing it from other styles. Companies have varying capacities, so you should find one that allows more customization. Nonetheless, re-designing should be approached with caution to protect your rug’s fibers, structural arrangement and aesthetics

Area Rug Wear And Tear

Wear and tear on area rugs is normal. Unless the area rug is safely behind a pane of glass and hanging on a wall in a room, people will walk on it, trip, and wipe their shoes on it through the course of the rug’s lifetime. This is why rug repair and restoration is important, as well as rug cleaning

Moth Damage

Moths aren’t just attracted to clothing stored in dark, damp spaces but to oriental or wool rugs as well. Some signs that your rug has moth damage include unexplainable loose rug fibers, moths flying around the room, or bare spots on the rug. There are steps to take to prevent moths from attacking your rugs, particularly in spots under furniture

Fringe Repair

The fringe of a rug is the more delicate aspect of the rug and requires the most labor to clean. The fringe is a byproduct of the weaving process, and if those are torn or worn off, that causes the strands in the rug to pull away and unravel, further damaging the rug. 


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